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Manufacturer: Honeywell Safety
Fendall Pure Flow 1000 Portable Eye wash station is the answer to your concerns about flushing solution contamination; eye wash maintenance costs; dependable, effective fluid flow and ease of use. Delivers Eyesaline Solution: purified, contaminant-free and physiologically correct from a sealed, integrated delivery module.

*Fluid Cartridge Sold Separately*

Fendall Pure flow 1000 Features

  • Highly visible green color provides easy identification in an emergency situation
  • Sure-grip handle provides instant, simple activation
  • Activation straps display expiration date
  • Integral drain valve allows easy draining of reservoir after use
  • Integral fluid reservoir captures waste fluid, eliminating potential safety hazards and simplifying fluid disposal
  • Spacious, sturdy area provides ample room for head and arms
  • Provision for locking device
  • Cover keeps dirt and trash from collecting in the basin and nozzle Upon activation, the dust cover rotates downward, exposing the nozzles and collection basin. SEI Certified to meet ANSI Z358.1

    Twenty-four month cartridge life, at least four times longer than any other primary, self-contained eye wash station. No special plumbing is needed, and the system mounts easily with one bracket. When a cartridge change is required, doing so takes less than five minutes. Waste flushing fluid captured for easy disposal. No messy cleanup. The Eyesaline solution for the Pure Flow 1000 is contained in replaceable delivery modules which remain sealed until activated.

    More information on Eye Safety from Fendall

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    FKEF1000 Pure Flow 1000 Portable Eyewash $385.00 each
    FKEF1050 PureFlow 1050 Fluid Cartridges $138.00 / set
    FKEF1060 Fendall 1060 Mobile Cart $425.00 each