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Manufacturer: Honeywell Safety
Fendall Porta Stream II can be easily relocated to provide emergency eye wash capability at or near hazards. Highly visible Eyesaline green. No plumbing required and no moving parts. Hanging bracket permits easy installation on vertical surfaces or install on a horizontal surface. Exclusive full flow nozzles cover a wide area around the eyes. Patented nozzle strap is easily removed to activate flushing, leaving hands free to hold eyelids open. Water Preservative is included with the Fendall Porta Stream II. When mixed with tap water, provides 16 gallons (61L) of solution as recommended by ANSIZ358.1. Locking fill cap reduces risk of tampering with solution. Large fill hole located at top of unit simplifies refilling and cleaning. Large capacity holds 16 gallons (61L).

Reflective Dust Cover

  • For Porta Stream II, the protective jacket helps maintain temperature of eyewash fluid within recommended ranges. The jacket's front flap easily pulls down for quick access to the nozzle pull strap, starting the solution flow. 3"x16"x16"
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    Qty. Item # Description Price
    FKE200 Porta Stream II $300.00 each
    FKEF532 Dust Cover for # 200 $250.00 each