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Manufacturer: Jackson Safety
Woven Nylon Barricade Tape is made of strong polypropylene with 300 lb. tensile strength. Woven nylon tape is ideal for areas that require a long lasting durable tape that will resist wind sun and abrasive conditions. Roll size is 2" x 200'with a continuous black stripe. The Orange size is 2" x 150'.
Used for wetlands delineation and clearing limits in some localities

Product Styles

Qty. Item # Description Price
TPYBT Yellow / Black Woven Barricade Tape, 200' /RL $7.50 / roll
TPRBT Red / Black Woven Barricade Tape, 200' /RL $7.50 / roll
TPRB2150 Orange Woven Nylon Barricade Tape 200' / RL $7.50 / roll