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Manufacturer: North by Honeywell
Swift's line of woven bandages are tough, flexible and sticky. The right combination for a woven bandage that will hold firm an not slip. A wide variety of sizes and types of woven bandages to choose from.

Product Styles

Qty. Item # Description Price
FKB016459 1" X 3" Woven bandages 100/bx $5.75 / box
FKB01-2315 1" X 3" Woven Bandages 50/bx $3.50 / box
FKB016425 Knuckle Woven Bandages 100/bx $10.00 / box
FKB01-3940 Knuckle Woven Bandages 40/bx $5.95 / box
FKB01-1350 Finger Tip Woven Bandage 40/bx $4.50 / box
FKB01-1360 Finger Tip Woven Bandages 100/bx $9.50 / box
FKB010819 2" x 3" Large Patch 25/bx $4.75 / box
FKB01-5050 Assorted Woven Bandages 20/Box $3.00 / box