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Manufacturer: North by Honeywell
Swift First Aid offers a wide selection of instruments including blunt scissors, lister bandage scissors, paramedic shears, splinter liberators,sharp point tweezers, slant end tweezers, magnifier forceps, eye loop and magnet, and splinter out.

Product Styles

Qty. Item # Description Price
FKI32-190EP Tweezers w/Magnifier $5.50 each
FKI32-US400 4" Red Handle Blunt Scissor $1.50 each
FKI32-49319 3" Sharp Point Tweezer $1.25 each
FKI32-49320 3" Slant Point Tweezer $1.25 each
FKI32-6578G Splinter Liberator $6.00 each
FKI32-6734G Eye Magnet w/Loop $9.00 each
FKI32-53874 Paramedic Utility Shears $4.25 each
FKI32-5701P 4½" SS Lister Bandage Scissors $3.50 each