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Manufacturer: Haws
A safe, prepackaged, fully engineered and tested system for mixing large volumes of hot and cold water to provide tempered water for emergency showers and eyewashes. Ideal for areas where supply water temperatures fall below 60°F(15°C). Unit contains no electrical components thus suitable for combustible atmospheres. Fail Safe Back Up: System provides multiple levels of protection to prevent scalding, including a high temperature limit valve (set at 85°F). Also included is a pressure relief cold water bypass that protects against constricted flow. Tempered Water: Engineered to provide warm water, 60° F- 85°F(15°C-29°C)(factory set at 80°F (26°C) over a wide range of flows, 3-35 GPM. System is designed to mix cold and hot water supplies for a single combination shower and eyewash or several eyewashes. Temperature Gauge: System includes outlet temperature gauge

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FKETWBS.SHE Tempered Water Blending System $3300.00 each